Cozumel Shipwreck and Reef Dives

Go scuba diving over the Cozumel shipwreck


Dive Over a Cozumel Shipwreck

Deep life divers offers this amazing dive for certified divers .

Cozumel is already an exceptional experience in itself. If you want to complete your days of diving on the island with a unique experience, you must dive over the Cozumel shipwreck.

The C-55 is located in the Chan- ka- naab Reef area, located in the southern part of the island, inside the National Marine Park, at a depth of 85 feet.


In the day is at the shipwreck, diving through the three levels including the machine room and captain’s room, we continue if the air allows us, in a reef just a few feets distance from the shipwreck, this is the southern part of the Chan- ka-naab Reef.

Finishing this dive will provide lunch ., its time to rest and do our surface interval .

Will be on one of the beautiful reefs that Cozumel offers, with more than 10 different options to choose from. Drift diving for this second dive.

The current for these dives is medium to strong. The visibility as in the whole island is impressive. Without a doubt, this shipwreck diving experience is one that you should have on the island of Cozumel.

Ending dives will take you back depending on the option you prefer to do this is back to the ferry or back to playa del carmen direct on the speed boat .

Diver With Transportation

$4,515.00 MXN

 Approx $215 USD

Diver Without Transportation

$3,465.00 MXN

 Approx $175 USD

Solo Diver With Transportation

$5,250.00 MXN

 Approx $262 USD

Solo Diver Without Transportation

$3,465.00 MXN

 Approx $173 USD



Roundtrip transportation from any hotel in Cancun is included free. 

Hotels in Playa or Costa  Mujeres or the Mayan Riviera are at extra cost. Just fair prices for this round trip .

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