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Reefs, and the amazing fresh water dives known as Cenotes.

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Discover the amazing cenotes of Puerto Morelos (Ruta de los Cenotes) and the Riviera Maya. Our guides are amazing knowledgeable Full cave divers will take care of you all day.

Check out the different diving experience you need for each Cenote combination and book on the filter.

Scuba Diving in

Cenote Chac Mool

Cenote Chac Mool

Of the Most Visited Cenotes Cenote Chac Mool Book Now Quick details LOCATION: Puerto Aventura AGES: Ages 10+ START TIME: 6:45 a.m – 1:45 p.m

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This places are Amazing

  • We have the professional experience on this and must be very straight forward: We won’t take non-certified divers. They can of course snorkel in these beautiful places.
  •  There are Deep Cenotes, we call them *specials!* Where we take just AOWD or  up +  level  with experience to dive the more challenging like Angelita and The Pit,  Hell Bells & Kin-Ha and  Cenote Maravilla are only for divers with more than  100 dives.  These  have a sulfur cloud at the deepest part, this is something out of this world.  Diving the *Specials* we conduct dives at no more than 100- 110ft.
  • There are Shallows comfortable for Open water divers and snorkels, like Dos ojos, Chikin ha, Chac Mool and Taj Ma Ha. The shallow ones depths are no more than 42ft. Max depth, cero current.
  • All of them has 100% horizontal visibility.
  • Cenote diving is truly spectacular and easier than many think.
  • This amazing  places are different from other dives and snorkeling, water is so clear that it looks like you’re flying, it’s definitely something that divers and snorkels should not miss here, it’s really awesome.
  • It’s like  back on time, 10,000 years back. Where all this places starts.
  • Expect halocline (when salt water collides with fresh water) this does an amazing spectacle, stalactites, in some cases air pockets like Cenote Dos ojos and Cenote Chac mool, and sun rays inside (light beams) from another planet! 
  • These are somewhat what you’ll feel and see if you haven’t done it is a different and unique dive in the world.
  • Water temperature 78-80F degrees. Not too cold. Long 3 mm to use preferably.
  • The Cenote experience is unique and incredible there are no other places likes this in the world, our knowledgeable staff will be with you always all day.
  • For snorkels and divers with them, the best option is  Cenote Dos ojos with big rooms  full of stalactites, hamacas, comfortable bathrooms. Following for this other options with stunning beauty also like Cenote Nic the Ha, Cenote Chikin Ha, Cenote Car wash and so many others, snorkels  can explore the place guided all the time at the time you as a SCUBA diver are exploring these places underwater  diving with your personal Instructor guide.
  • Families enjoy a lot this day. It is something different and unique in the area, with beautiful jungle views.
  • For the last as an option, we can add an extra stop in one of the Mayan ruins. We can take you to visit Tulum Mayan ruins or Coba.

Dynamic on the Cenote dive & snorkeling day

  • Pick up is early 6:45 a.m at your Hotel, we like to be the first ones in the Cenotes. We move from Cancun to be there on the first time and have the dives just for us on the first dive. One of my drivers will be for you on time. Once we get your confirmation email, we’ll send you pick up details, exact times and procedure, will meet you at the lobby.
  • From your Hotel will move southern direction, direct to Playa del Carmen or Puerto Morelos area depends on the cavern diving area you choose for your day.
  • The First stop on the day is in Playa del Carmen at the Tank station, we have to take our Tanks are  there ready and fill it with fresh air, after this stop will move Southern direct to the area you select. We will arrive to the Cenote approx 8:45 – 9:00 a.m.
  • The Cenotes are on the road between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, they are in  the jungle, so we have to get insist few miles to get in there. We strive to be the first on the place, and take the Cenote just for you and us.
  • Will do two or 3 different dives and snorkel, depends on your preference. Depends on the combination you prefer to do.
  • Ending day there   at the Cenotes, we will  provide you  lunch, we ask what you prefer for this  before asking you about some food allergies. Lunch baguettes or tacos. You will have lunch ending the activities.
  • Then after lunch we will  move back to Playa del Carmen, stop in the tanker to leave back the tanks and then drive  direct to your hotel.
  • We  normally finish  around 3:00 – 4:00 p.m,  depends on the site where we go and how many dives and places  you do 2 or 3. Normally  It’s  a half day tour.
  • Choose the area, choose your dive level and enjoy from a different diving experience with deep life divers.

Dive Into Our 5-Star Tripadvisor Reviews

Karina V.
Karina V.
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I didn’t know what to expect but WOW I love it! Eduardo was our contact. He was very helpful with all necessary information. Cenotes xceeded my expectations! The transportation and our diving instructor Daniel made us feel safe!! Great level of professionalism and knowledge about the all area. Definitely, I'm coming back!
Chole T.
Chole T.
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Diving with DeepLife was an absolute joy. We booked after arriving on holiday in Cancun and Eduardo was very helpful and responsive on booking emails and arranging transport. Added bonus was getting photos from Berto to remember our trip. I would completely recommend DeepDive and will definitely use them should we visit Mexico again.
Shane B.
Shane B.
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I did 3 dives in one day including one deep dive (The Pit) and two shallow dives at Dos Ojos (The Bat Cave and The Barbie Line). They were all wonderful and unlike anything I have ever seen scuba diving before. The cenotes were beautiful and I hope to come back one day with my son. I would definitely use Deep Life Divers again.