Puerto Morelos Shipwreck and Reef Dives

Enjoy a second reef dive at the Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos Shipwreck and Reef Dives

This diving tour takes you to the Puerto Morelos Reef area, just a few minutes between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, to dive over the C-56 shipwreck and dive at a shallow reef in the Puerto Morelos National Marine Park.

The C-56, known as the Juan Escutia, is a 150-foot minesweeper and was sunk by the U.S. Navy with the purpose of creating marine wildlife environments as a part of an Artificial Reef Program.

The area has great conditions for diving. During the winter months (November to March), this site is home to an amazing spectacle of eagle rays hovering above the shipwreck, which makes for a dive to remember!

While the first dive of the day takes place at the wreck, the second dive is conducted in the shallow reef area of the Puerto Morelos National Marine Park.


$3,252.00 MXN

 Approx $162 USD

Solo Diver

$3,815.00 MXN

 Approx $190 USD



Roundtrip transportation is included from any hotel in Cancun or the Mayan Riviera.

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