Dive into the best dive sites in Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Morelos and Cenote! Swim with wildlife and discover an amazing underwater world. Book a dive today!

Scuba diving in Cancun

This Cozumel reef diving tour is great for beginners! Learn the theory and basics of diving before getting into the water with our experienced instructors.
$4,330.00MXN / $216USD
Go scuba diving at the top sites in Cozumel Wall reefs with the experts at Deep Life Divers. Sites include Palancar Caves, Palancar gardens, Santa Rosa Wall, Punta sure, Colombia deep and Shallow, …
$3,161.00MXN /$158USD
Immerse yourself in the jungle! This cenote is a peaceful and lovely place to be. This day includes two different shallow dives at 42 feet.
$4,200.00MXN / $210USD
Chac Mool is one of the most visited cenotes in Cancun. We can do two or three different tank dives in this area, all of them with amazing views.
$4,200.00MXN / $210USD
Dive with hundreds of stalactites and breathtaking columns at the spectacular Cenote Dreamgate. Join us on an advanced dive!
$4,033.00MXN / $201USD
Dive with hundreds of stalactites and breathtaking columns. Cenote Dos Ojos in combination with Nicte Ha makes for a gorgeous dive.
$4,033.00MXN / $201USD
Catch the best sunbeams on this dive! This cenote was named after the Taj Mahal in India to evoke its beauty and splendor.
$4,725.00MXN / $236USD
Explore two stunning cenotes in Mexico: Maravilla and Hell’s Bells! Dive amongst incredible rock formations led by an expert guide.
$6,540.00MXN / $327USD
For the ultimate Mexico scuba diving experience, book this combo tour to dive at two amazing cenotes and see rock formations not found anywhere else.
$6,431.00MXN / $320USD
Dive inside the Kin Ha Eco Park in the Holbox and Maravilla cenotes. See bats hanging from the ceiling and view bell-shaped formations in the depths.
$6,213.00MXN /$310USD
Dive into the amazing Cenote El Pit and Dos Ojos for a unique, out-of-this-world diving experience with stunning sights.
$6,300.00MXN / $315USD
The Car Wash cenote is one of the most beautiful dive locations in Mexico. Come experience its stalactites and stalagmites for yourself and dive at one other location as well.
$6,213.00MXN /$310USD
Dive in two of Mexico’s most beautiful cenotes: Angelita and Car Wash! Both are known for their visibility and extraordinary colors.
$6,000.00MXN / $300USD
Discover two popular cenotes, Calavera and Car Wash! Cenote Calavera, which means “Skull Cave” is also known as “Temple of Doom.”
$4,360.00MXN / $218USD
This two-tank dive is best for experienced divers who want to enjoy a truly unique diving experience. Visit two cenotes and dive to depths of over 100 feet.
$6,270.00MXN / $313USD
Go scuba diving in this stunning cenote : Casa Cenote or Cenote Manati is amazing. Dive through mangroves and into amazing Cavern Book online today!
$4,360.00MXN / $218USD
Dive over the Juan Escutia C-56 shipwreck located between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in the amazing town of Puerto Morelos , enjoy a second reef dive at the Puerto Morelos National Marine Park.
$3,252.00MXN / $162USD
There is nothing more impressive than Bull shark diving in their natural habitat. Dive takes place in the amazing blue ocean full of Bull sharks on this unforgettable diving experience.
/ $198USD
Dos Ojos is one of the top 10 Cenote diving in the area. With thousands of stalactite formations, diving here is a unique amazing experience. The amazing visibility makes these places unforgettable dives.
$4,410.00MXN / $220USD
Skip the slow ferries and get to the Cozumel dive sites faster with our speed boat shuttle service from your hotel to Playa del Carmen. We take care of all the logistics door to…
$4,620.00MXN / $230USD
We take you on two different reef dives in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park, where you can see healthy coral reefs with beautiful colors.
$2,970.00MXN / $150USD
Go scuba diving over the Cozumel shipwreck and Chankanaab Reef! See the machine room and captain’s room of the C-55 wreck, and do a second dive in the national marine park .
$4,305.00MXN / $215USD
Cancun is one of the best places to learn to scuba dive thanks to its clear conditions and beautiful, shallow reefs. Come learn to dive with Deep Life Divers!
$2,200.00MXN / $110USD
Discover the reefs of Isla Mujeres and the fascinating artwork at the Underwater Museum of Art in Isla Mujeres . This experience is perfect for beginners.
$ 2,310.00MXN / $115USD
See healthy corals and plentiful marine life on this half-day Cancun dive tour. Enjoy two shallow or not shallow dives at depths of about 30 to 55 feet deep in the Cancun National Marine Park. Full of marine life and most…
$2,205.00MXN / $110USD
Go diving over two WWII shipwrecks in the Cancun area. This is an advanced dive at depths of 85 feet with a chance to see moray eels, groupers, and more.
$2,580.00MXN / $130USD