More than 15 different cenotes to dive with us

Cavern Diving.

This cavern dives are guided in the line and travels in places large enough for two divers can go out together. The maximum distance from the entrance is 40 meters and in the majority of Caverns this entrance is visible from the farthest point. Cenotes are fresh water pools in the jungle with access to the vast underground Cave Systems.
These cenotes are the entry to underwater marvels found only here in our area. Freshwater, with visibility well in excess of 45 meters / 150 feet, stalactites and stalagmites of every shape and size, and light zones that will dazzle your eyes are just some of the reasons to dive in these Cenotes. Depths are low for most Cenotes around 40ft, average. NO mandatory decompression dives. The dive time change depending on the Cavern line length. It longs between 40 to 60 minutes.

Cenote Diving

Cavern Diving Tulum

Cenote diving is an amazing and different dive experience , this dives are really easy because the density on the water , comfortable dives with out stretch parts . These places are awesome unique diving spots!
Some Cenotes are deep , some other are shallows , some of this ones require advanced divers skills, but someones are suitable for certified beginners divers, all divers should have at least Open Water certification level for this dives. Cenotes are outstanding natural formations! TRUST me when I said these dives are the best, these are dives very likely you will never forget.
Deeps for AOWDL like Cenote Angelita and the Pit
Shallow for Open water divers. No experience need it, No stretch parts . Open rooms 40 ft deep.
2 tanks dives plans o 3 tank dive plans including one deep and two more shallows.
We have the professional experience on this and must be very straight forward: We won’t take non certified divers. They can of course snorkel in these beautiful places , in case you like to have non divers company.
We have on our list more than 15 different options to dive on this beautiful places - We don’t take just to the more commons , we propose you different combinations .
There are Deep Cenotes , we call them *specials!* where we take just AOWD with experience like Angelita and The Pit , and the most challenging Like Hell Bells & Kin-Ha for AOWD with more than 50 dives. There are Shallows comfortable for open water divers , like Dos ojos, Chikin ha, Chac Mool.
All them has 100% horizontal visibility. Cenote diving is truly spectacular and easier than many think . This amazing dives are different from other places, water is so clear that it looks like you flying in your dive, it's definitely something that divers should not miss here ,its really awesome , its like dive back on time, 10,000 years back.,
Expect halocline (when salt water collides with fresh water), stalactites, in some cases air pockets like dos ojos and Chac mool , and sun rays inside (light beams) from another planet! This is somewhat what you`ll feel and see if you haven’t done it is a different and unique dive in the world. Deep Cenotes have a sulfur cloud at the deepest part, this is something out of this world.
The shallow ones depths are no more than 42ft.max depth, cero current.
Diving the *Specials* we conduct dives at no more than 100- 110ft perhaps AOWDL can do the deep specials.
Water temperature 78-80F degrees. Not too cold. Long 3mm to use preferably.
I will help assisting with what you may need feel free to ask me anything about your SCUBA GEAR and wetsuit. (Don`t forget preventive maintenance precautions before get here).
The Cenotes are amazing and Unique in the world, our knowledgeable staff will be with you always.
Some of the Cenotes can even be explore for snorkels, like Dos ojos, Nic the Ha, Chikin Ha , Car wash and so many others, they can explore the place guided all the time at the time you and divers are exploring diving this amazing places . if just have a friend or family likes to join as companion on the day, they can join us , the place has hammock, restrooms, and all them beautiful jungle views.
Price change depending the Cenote option you choose or if the option include 2 or 3 tanks in one day.

One of a kind in the world

These pools are the entry to underwater marvels found only here in our area. Freshwater, with visibility well in excess of 45 meters / 150 Ft, stalactites and stalagmites of every shape and size

The dives are conducted by one of our formed Cave Divers (Full Cave Diver trained) with extensive experience of this type of guidance. Divers groups cannot exceed 4 divers plus the guide, each diver is equipped with a personal flash light, this way, you can explore this amazing places, you will feel the amazing sensation to be on places you will never forget.

Bat-filled caves and kind of some alien landscape. It’s a fantastic experience, attributes that make each Cenote worth visiting. Which one you choose will also be determined to some extent by your dive certification level. A 40-minute briefing and the specially trained guide can take you on the experience of a life time. There are some rules we have to follow.

Our Cavern guides are certified as a minimum of Full Cave by a recognized agency, all our Staff are full Instructors with hundreds of dives in the local environment. They are knowledgeable and experienced in the local Cenote systems above and below the ground.

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