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The Best Scuba Diving in Cancun

Enjoy the best Scuba diving in Cancun with one of our underwater experiences great for both Certified and Non-Certified Divers ! Explore our tours below and book online today.

Scuba diving in Cancun

Cancun is one of the best places to learn to scuba dive thanks to its clear conditions and beautiful, shallow reefs. Come learn to dive with Deep Life Divers!
$2,200.00MXN / $110USD
Discover the reefs of Isla Mujeres and the fascinating artwork at the Underwater Museum of Art in Isla Mujeres . This experience is perfect for beginners.
$ 2,310.00MXN / $115USD
Explore as certified diver the amazing statues and their coral reefs with plentiful marine life at the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art during this exciting dive experience. Reserve your spot today!
$2,200.00MXN / $110USD
See healthy corals and plentiful marine life on this half-day Cancun dive tour. Enjoy two shallow or not shallow dives at depths of about 30 to 55 feet deep in the Cancun National Marine Park. Full of marine life and most…
$2,205.00MXN / $110USD
Go diving over two WWII shipwrecks in the Cancun area. This is an advanced dive at depths of 85 feet with a chance to see moray eels, groupers, and more.
$2,580.00MXN / $130USD