Bull Shark Dive

Unforgettable diving experience



This dive departure matchs with Cenote diving after the dive.

7:30 am meeting time
8:00 am dive departure
8:30 am dive
9:00 am ending the dive .

9:30  am meeting time
10:00 am dive departure
10:30 am toros dive
11:15 am ending the dive . 

11:00 am
meeting time
11:30 am dive departure
12:00 pm dive
12:50 pm ending the dive.

This match with Cozumel dives on the speed boat before the Bull shark dive

2:15 pm  meeting time
3:00 pm dive departure
3:30 pm  dive
4:10 pm  ending the dive.

My driver is waiting for you to take you back to your hotel.

When we are full of spaces or on the contrary, we do not have divers scheduled, we do this with our preferred partner.

Dive with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen

There is nothing more impressive than Bull shark diving in their natural habitat. Dive takes place in the amazing blue ocean full of Bull sharks on this unforgettable diving experience.
This is a scuba dive you will never forget!

Between Mid November through early March every year Female bull sharks reach Playa del Carmen shallow waters.
We organize bate and nonbate encounters to show you the way we interact with this great species, with these amazing Female Bull Sharks.

The dive is as follow

We organize this amazing trip extremely safely, with a good number and very professional dive staff.

Octavio and Antonio are the best feeders, they work with us for many years, in a great partnership with us, and a few of the local dive stores, we are just 5 dive companies doing the feeding.

From 9 years back from now, we run and organize the Bull shark feeding and nonfeeding in Playa del Carmen.

Now, all the different Bull shark tours providers are organized in nonfeeders and feeders. So we set up times according to our season role every year. The days and times in the area are divided on feeders (attraction like us) and non-feeders (observation).

SOS (Saving Our Sharks) No profit association without lucrative purposes is doing a great job, and in a partnership with us divide dives on attraction and observation. We pay a bracelet to them.

Person Without Transportation
Arriving to the meeting point.

$3,960.00 MXN

 Approx $198 USD

Person - With Transportation

$176.00 MXN

 Approx $9 USD

Extra dive in Playa del Carmen reefs

$1,100.00 MXN​

Approx $55 USD

Rent wetsuit shortie 2 days

$5,500.00 MXN​

Approx $275 USD

Person With Transportation from Costa Mujeres area

$5,720.00 MXN

Approx $286USD

Person With Transportation from Cancun or Puerto Morelos area

$4,840.00 MXN​

Approx $242 USD

Person With Transportation from Playa del Carmen Ferry

$4,180.00 MXN​

Approx $209 USD

Person With Transportation from Playa Mujeres del carmen Hotels

$4,400.00 MXN

Approx $220 USD

Person With Transportation from Tulum area

$6,050.00 MXN​

Approx $303 USD

Private dive Instructor

$1,760.00 MXN

$88USD for 1 to 2 divers

Private dive Instructor

$880.00 MXN

$44 USD for 3 to 4 divers

Mandatory SOS bracelet

$110.00 MXN

Approx $6 USD. 
Cash at meeting time, or you can add to online booking.

Long Wetsuit Rental

$330.00 MXN

Approx $17 USD.
Mandatory for feeding experience.

Observation Dive

$550.00 MXN

Approx $28 USD 
less than Attraction Dive.


This year, our Times for the attraction (feeding) dives are:​

Different dive departures.
Daily trips

Pick-up time depends on your hotel location.

Observation dive

This year our Time for the Observation dive is:

Pick-ups from Playa Mujeres area

(Secrets, Villas del Palmar , Riu Dunamar , Finest, Excellence):

12:10 pm

Pick-ups from Cancun Hotel Zone or Downtown:

12:30 pm

Meeting time at the beach

(dive briefing, scuba gear)

1:30 pm

Dive departure is

1:45 pm

This dive Observation same as feeding number 4 switches perfectly with our dive day in Cozumel on the fast boat .

These dives end back in Playa del Carmen exit point at 

1:30 pm

 For divers likes to do morning Cozumel dives on the fast boat from Playa del Carmen the pick-up in Cancun is 

8:30 am

This dive Observation same as feeding number 4 switches perfectly with our dive day in Cozumel on the fast boat .

1:30 pm

Ending back from the Bull shark dive, your driver is waiting to take you back to your hotel.

Sometimes when we are full on these Bull shark dive encounters, or maybe in the opposite without bookings, we arrange this dive together with our preferred Partner in Playa del Carmen.

We share guests with each other, 3 dive stores together doing this to set up groups, using our partner’s facilities or the beach exit point in Playa del Carmen. They use our chain metal suit, we use their facilities on the afternoon schedule, in the morning we out from the beach in another location

The Attraction dive

Before dive

Octavio or Antonio the shark diver feeders will give you the dive briefing, a full detailed explanation about Bull’s behavior, methods, and procedures about this amazing dive; Why they are here, where they go ending the season, depths, bottom time, security involved, everything, we´ll explain everything before this awesome dive and of course will take care of everything.


We´ll do a single tank dive, the depth is approx between 70-80 feet on the sandy bottom.

The feeder

will attract them with chum bait, Bull shark’s behavior changes strongly with it. When they are with us, Octavio will start feeding them, He do an awesome spectacle, you will love these dives.


Until the bottom time allows us, The other one – two or 3 divemasters will constantly check you and your air, ( the number depends on the group size ) Always send 2 dive masters in the group helping, checking everything taking care of the group, checking everything while Feeder is in action.


Ending the feeding will ascend to do our safety stop and leave the dive site directly to the shore. It is an amazing spectacular dive, full of adrenaline.

Photography and Video

We can send our professional National Geographic award winner to do a video and photo for you. Maria and Valentina in the afternoon and Liz in the mornings.

Also, we have Go pros for rent if likes video in 4K, Go pros are perfect to video the action.

Let us in advance to call the photographers, or send for you the Go pro you choose for your dive , We send you one with the driver , on the next day we send you all you take via wetransfer.com

In the Observation dive, there is no feeding action.
We ask for these Bull shark dives that our divers have no equalizing ears problems and nice dive control and experience

Good / Comfortable Divers

You will feel these amazing creatures free with you, you can prove they are not that killing machines that movies are use to show us or most of us think they are.

We need you to bring your dive cards physically on the dive day.

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