Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour

Swimming With the Gentle Giants of the Ocean



6:00 a.m
If you are in Tulum we are for you early to take you to the exit point is North Cancun

7:00 a.m
If we have guest located in Playa del Carmen or Cozumel , we are on Playa del carmen Ferry for our guest coming from Cozumel at this time

7:30 a.m
Pick ups if we have guest in Cancun downtown and Hotel zone. and Playa Mujeres area

7:30 a.m
Meeting at the marina

7:40 a.m
You can have fruit , bread , coffee with us before living

8:00 a.m
All aboard.  or before 

8:00 a.m – 10:00 a.m
Navigate to the area.

Time may vary depending on the hotel

Whale sharks day

Whale shark migration arrive end May ,  trust me this amazing creatures  are so beautiful. 
We have doing this trip for 11 years , from everything starts . Every year we have in the area the Whale Sharks migration , is the biggest in all world. On this trip we  find and swim / snorkeling with BIG Mantas ( Manta Birostris ) too , as mother nature rules, all this is unpredictable , they,  same as Whale sharks are feeding in the surface.

Meeting at the Marina

$4,000.00 MXN

 Approx $200 USD

With round trip transportation

(Cancun Hotel zone , Puerto Juarez , Playa Mujeres and downtown)

$4,250.00 MXN

 Approx $210 USD

With round trip transportation from Hotel Moon Palace

$4,350.00 MXN

 Approx $217 USD

With round trip transportation Riviera Maya

(Maroma, Dorada Royale, Iberostar Paraiso)

$4,350.00 MXN

 Approx $217 USD

With round trip transportation

(Playa del Carmen including from the ferry )

$4,600.00 MXN

 Approx $230 USD

With Round trip transportation from Riviera Maya souther Playa del carmen

$4,800.00 MXN

 Approx $240 USD

With round trip transportation from Tulum downtown

$5,050.00 MXN

 Approx $252 USD

With round trip transportation From Tulum Hotel zone

$5,300.00 MXN

 Approx $265 USD

Wetsuits rent

You can add this as floating device instead the life jackets we provide

$350.00 MXN

 Approx $17 USD

Unique experience for the whole family

We have a 90% chance of seeing whale sharks on our trip

The season started end May on the 25th ending on September 17th by federal law this is the last day on the area.  We saw them in almost every encounter  90% chances  , as you know as a nature encounter this can be unpredictable , same as weather . Take this on mind , we are a family business doing this for years, but we can not control mother Nature. We will do our best to give you the best experience and a beautiful day.  
They arrive  Northern Yucatan Peninsula doing the   largest of these animals congregation , through all over  the world.  , the first sightings were made by fishermen near  Holbox. They started with this activity over 8 years ago They are swimming and feeding  surface, amazing unique creatures they are ,  you can choose join us any day you like for this trip . If for some reason we dont have group on the date you like we can organize  your trip  with our prefer partner . But we out 98% daily.
Studying behavior and migration of the animals, they have moved now  to blue waters now , north of Isla Mujeres, and Isla Contoy , a natural reserve ,  which is why we left north of Cancun or Isla mujeres,  to navigate to this Whale shark  area. In Holbox  area currents match , mixing the water from the Gulf of Mexico, takes a greenish color. We see them north of Isla Mujeres – East  Contoy Island ,   swimming   in blue water with them  , doing a better encounter. 
We have daily trips with the Whale shark area ,  is really  an amazing adventure day.


National Geographic channel and Scuba diver life web site,  contacted us (DEEP LIFE )  to film these  large GIANT fish,  an  animal that transmits calm , completely harmless, is surely a unique spectacle. Safe and fun for all the family.

Day with us

We navigate north for about an hour to the 50 miles square area they are located. Sometimes can be more this time, some other less. Depends on where the Sharks are located.

On the way sometimes we find and swim with Manta rays ( Manta Birostris ) and some other days with Dolphins or Turtles.

Having located the GIANTS will prepare to snorkel with this fantastic creature, Juan Carlos , Luis, Wichita, or one of our guides will explain you before who to get in the water, who to do it, at what time, all the procedure and RULES. we have to follow some Mexican Government rules, They are boat patrols in the area.

You will be in the area until are satisfy , About 2- 3hrs. When you are swimming with them and tired, can out the water at any time , take some time on the boat and jump again following, always following this rules . Will be with them observed feeding. Juan Carlos will give teach you about how to swim with them , behavior.etc
No rush when everybody on board is satisfy to swim with them we back to main land.

On the way back , if conditions allow ,can do 1hr more Snorkeling over a reef near Isla Mujeres , or over a Virgin reef close Isla Contoy ( Xunxachen ) or if you are tired , and prefer not snorkel, we go direct to the beach where Captain will stop for about one hour , this can be at Xunxachen or Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres , a place where our captain, will stop the boat to prepare you ceviche, you can out the boat here, relaxing and swimming on one of the top 10 world places, Playa Norte.( North beach ) The option you prefer. Snorkeling , relax, or just relax. Depends on weather Captain will decide stop at Playa norge or stop at Xunxachen

Travel is from 8.00 a.m to around 14.30 p.m aprox, sometimes we stay longer in the area, to give you the best time. Sometimes take more time find them.

Photography and Video

We can send for you  the NIKON D300s to have photos and HD video  on your BIG FISH experience OR IF PREFER we have  for  rent   Go pros Hero 3 black  to make your own videos and photos . 

At the end you will  give us your email to send all for wetransfer.com.   Ending back at the marina our Driver is waiting for you to take you back  to your place .
The day is amazing !


Included on the Whale Shark day

Additional Optionals


¿What do we need before?

Help us is join us answering what we need on your next email or at the time you booking.
Please complete this list for us.
Our Suggestions
Take dramamine before and on your day , the day is Open Ocean , can be not to comfortable for someones.  If you are like sometimes sea sicker its and open ocean adventure, the ocean can be  choppy sometimes
What to Bring
Towels , extra clothes, extra cash, Bio sun block ,back pack can be safe on the boat we have a dry place .
No SUN BLOCK allowed
Private Communication

This is very important for us. You can allays contact me at this numbers 

You can text us on whatsapp or message at this numbers . You can call me also at any time .

Any questions you have feel free to write me . Loving to help .

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum 10 guest per boat. Now with the COVID 19 just 8 persons per boat.
You can jump as many times you like. We play a role of two people in the water by law.
No, By federal law we can not do it. But sometimes we schedule a departure earlier than normal, when we have a group that wants to leave 6:15 am, before the surveillance boats are in the area with us, we can do this.
The time varies, approximately 5-10 minutes per jump, depending on how fast the Shark swim away or down.
Yes , many of them if we out at the normal 8am time. We are alone with them when we out early morning around 6am .
Yes , sure , all our whale sharks boats has small bathrooms on board.
We try to get away, and look for Whale sharks just for us, but many times other boats stick nearby, this happens when the number of sharks is reduced, we can not control this, but if , we try to take an order in the jumps with the other companies.
Yes , most of our trips ends in Playa norte . Isla Mujeres . We stop at the beach ending back from the Whale sharks to prepare you there fresh Ceciche , Guacamole and rest. We do reef snorkeling also . Some times we ask you and the group on board if prefer to have this on a virgin reef is located near Isla Contoy one of the top secrets Islands in the Mexican Caribbean . The place is amazing beauty , completely virgin corals and amazing blue waters view.
Yes . We block your spaces in advance to secure this we use with you Zelle payments or CC direct on our website Secured with 2048-bit encryption
We provide round trip transportation in our own Vans. Pick up is at your place Hotel, ferries , condos , times depends where you are staying , ending day one of the drivers would be for you to take you back your Hotel .

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