Snorkeling MUSA Cancun

More Than 400 Arts Pieces, Gorgeous Reefs
and marine wildlife

Between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, created by Jason de Caires Taylor are very well placed more than 400 art pieces to dive and snorkel 

We take you daily trips ,  in one of our speed boats direct to the site, located in front of the south area of Isla Mujeres . 

Here you can see up close numerous species they which making the museum their home, full of artistic master pieces like VW bettle, mirrors, lobsters houses , bombs human and dog statutes.

Our tour includes all the snorkeling equipment you need for an unforgettable visit.

Be one of the privileged visitors to see this one of a kind Under Water Museum.

Available daily snorkeling trips
Meeting time 12:30PM back  4:00 PM

Nice marine life
Pristine blue waters, turtles, lobsters , amazing marine life and coral reefs.

Short trip to the site
Just 15 min boat ride to get on the place 


$65USD /per person

  • Instant Confirmation Voucher
  • No Booking Fees
  • Round trip transportation included free from any hotel inside Cancun Hotel zone 
  • Hotels out from Cancun hotel zone transportation is with a minimum extra price.
What is included in the tour
  • Snorkeling in MUsa and reef 
  • Bootle water drink on board
  • Snorkeling guide
  • Snorkeling gear included
  • Van pick up and drop off, round trip transportation is included 
  • Fully equipped fast boat
  • A/C office for the register. 
What makes this tour special
  • Visit the statues and coral life
  • The personal attention 
  • The short trip to get there. We are located on the Cancun Hotel zone beach , fast trip to the site. 
  • Round trip transportation included from any hotel for free. 
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