Cenote Dreamgate

Dive With Hundreds Of Stalactites And Breathtaking Columns

Cenote Dreamgate is spectacular, it was the location on where the BBC film the amazing Planet earth documentary called Caves.

The place has a very large cavern zone it is one of the most highly decorated with an abundance of formations, this dives are to go dive in slow motion very slowly to appreciate the place.

ONLY for Divers with excellent buoyancy, great dive skills are a must, particularly buoyancy control, formations in dream gate are very fragile.

We explain our Divers please stay close to the line and to our full cave diver guide, stay in a safe distance to avoid any damage to this amazing natural wonder.

There is an air dome in the center of the cavern zone you will be in a unique place.

This place has two different cavern lines one is downstream and other is upstream.

Amazing place, with thousands of stalactites. 

These place is preferably for AOWDL  

Depth and Average Temp
Both Dives 45 Ft. 77°F, OWD Advance

Lunch And Gear
Light lunch and gear include

Small Groups
Private Trip From One Diver. 1:4 per Full Cave Diver Guide

Two different amazing dives
Down and Upstream lines

$185 USD / per person

  • Instant Confirmation Voucher
  • No Booking Fees
  • Money Safe Guarantee
What is included in the tour
  • Cenote Diving Dreamgate
    Two different dives
  • Light lunch and drinks ( Tacos or Baguettes)
  • Full scuba gear ( BDC, Mask, fins, weights, regulator )
  • Round trip transportation in  one of our 6 own comfortable Vans
  • Small Groups – 1:2 – 1:4
  • Full Cave diver guide
  • Private driver .
  • Drinks 
  • Scuba Lamp
What makes this tour special
  • Amazing dives
  • Private trips
  • Very small groups
  • Jungle views
  • Personal attention
  • Two amazing places for Cavern diving 
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