Cenote Dives & Mayan Ruins

Awesome Cenote Dive Tour Combination & Mayan Ruins

Cenote Diving and the Mayan ruins at Tulum or Coba is a great combination-. Tulum mayan ruins visit is about 70 minutes . Coba Mayan ruins visit takes around one hour and 30 minutes  .
Once we are done with the Mayan ruins visit, we heading directo  to dive the Cenotes . Cenote dives around the area of Tulum.

You Can Choose from any Cenote you like and fits on your dive level.

No matter you choose to dive Cenote Dos Ojos ,  Cenote Taj Ma Ha, or the deep Cenote like the Pit will do everything for you to have  a great day.  Each Place You Choose, The Option You Prefer Include Two Different Dives.

Tulum Ruins is located close Tulum down town, the site is situated in the beach, this place  was a seaport,  cliffs above the turquoise splendor of the crashing Caribbean, the only Mayan city built on the coast.

Cobá was one of the most important ruin sites on the Yucatan Peninsula. Coba means surrounded by two large lagoons. This place has 120 steps lead up to the top of the Nohoch Mul pyramid, and reaches 137 feet in height. This is the tallest temple pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Chichen Itza has 91 steps leading up to the top of the Kulkulkan Pyramid just to compare the heigh and magnificent view it has.

 Snorkels are welcome 

Ruins entrance are included

Light Lunch and SCUBA Gear Included

Mayan sites tickets Included

We Pay For Your Tickets and the Train is taking you from the parking place  to the Archeological site entrance 

Arriving To Dive The Cenotes

You can choose to dive any Cenote you like . Maybe you aready did before the most commons . We can take you to dive any one you like .

Arriving the place you choose to dive , our team will help you on prepare everything before dives.

Your instructor will teach you everything in a nice and knowlogable dive briefing , will show you the place , where the bathrooms are located,  the showers, the Cenote entrance , everything , all this before your dives.

                   Two or 3 tank dives depending on the place you select for this dive day.

                         If You Choose Cenote                                      

                        Dos Ojos

Great Choice

Dos Ojos remains in the top 10 longest underwater cave systems in the world.

Is exceptionally clear, with few varieties of fish living in the cavern and two types of freshwater shrimp sometimes we can find.

A lot of stalactites formations , the bat cave is similar to a real dark cave diving , just with the exception it has and  air exit 3 Ft  away from the dive .

Fresh water mix with Saltwater (Halocline).

Water temperature is 77°F.

The whole family can find something to do in the water here.

One of the most rewarding snorkeling areas for adventurers of all ages.


Add $55usd more  /             per person for Tulum ruins

 Add $75usd   more  /                                      per person for Coba ruins Visit 

Add $95usd more  /           per person for visit both 
Coba and Tulum Mayan sites

What is included in the tour
  • Cenote Dive and Mayan Ruins visit 
  • Lunch bagguets or Tacos for lunch
  • 2 or 3 different Cenote dives 
  • Round trip transportation in our own Vans
  • Small Groups – 1:2 – 1:4
  • Personal dive Instructor
  • Drinks 

  • Scuba Gear included
  • Mayan ruins entrance tickets
  • Mayan ruins transportation from the parking to the entrance.

What makes this tour special
  • Well equipped safety gears and instructions provided to divers for a comfortable experience.
  • The possibility on visit one of the most amazing Mayan ruins and do two different Cenote dives.
  • Most of the time trips are private
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