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Sailfish Encounter

From approx. $175 USD

Quick Details

Person with Transportation: $3,809.05 mxn | Approx. $190 USD
Person without Transportation: $3,508.34 mxn | Approx. $175 USD

Person - Without Transportation
Person - With Transportation

One of the ocean’s fastest predators, the sailfish hunt like wolves in spectacular fashion!

Sailfish feed on bait balls in blue water. The weather, visibility and changes daily. There are no guarantees, the feeding here is constantly happening during the season , chances are very good to get in the water with big schools of sailfish.

We keep this adventure small, to give you the attention that is need it . You will love this day. Late January 80% hit rate with often stable bait bails in warm, blue water . This offshore experience is something you will never forget..

We start from Cancun HZ where one of our new vans will pick you up. We like to leave early for this amazing adventure 7:00a.m to sail for about an hour and a half in search of a sailfish sighting area.

When we find the spot we’ll get ready to action. Once in the water we’ll have the opportunity to snorkel with this beautiful species hunting . No Scuba as we have to be back on the boat sometimes as the bait ball moves very fast. You will be delighted with the timing, speed and agility as they feed, and hunt!

This activity is something you will never forget.

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