Whale Sharks Cancun

$200.00 $175.00

  • Round trip transportation included Day is from 8am departure to 2pm . Driver is wating for you.Lunch is included ( Homemade sandwiches, fresh Mahi Mahi ceviche, and drinks )
  • Snorkeling gear included .
  • Full adventure day. 


Whale Sharks Cancun

Whale sharks are amazing ocean creatures. They are really peaceful creatures.
Some days, you will be surrounded by hundreds of them. Snorkeling with Whale Sharks is an amazing experience.
We provide daily Open ocean trips to snorkel with the Whale Sharks.

This is a day you can not miss. Perfect to be with family or friends.  We will sail North Cancun for about an hour, we will navigate close through the famous Isla Contoy and Natural protected areas. Arriving at the sighting area you will see the dorsal fins on the surface, we will be ready to jump into the water, always accompanied by one of our guides to snorkel with them.
Giant Manta Rays , Dolphins, Mobulas and the amazing Whale Sharks is something that Nature can give us this day.

We will be in the area for around 4-5 hours until you are satisfied and ready to return. On the return we will snorkel in a reef, the captain will prepare fresh ceviche and guacamole for you to enjoy.
Returning to our departure point, our driver will be waiting for you with air conditioning ready in our Van to comfortably return you to your hotel or place of stay.
We have showers so that the saltwater is left out and they are more comfortable on the way back.

Join us !


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