Cenote Snorkeling

$150.00 $110.00

Dive Companions Welcome
All Non Divers or Divers are Welcome

Small Grups
1 Guide for 4 guest

Delicious Lunch Included
Quesadillas or Baguettes

Most of the time private trips scheduled
Couples or families are welcome


Snorkeling In The Mayan Caverns

This amazing places are just 15 – 30 min drive South Playa del Carmen. You can choose the place you want, more than 10 options, we suggest between two different trips. First is Dos ojos with two different caverns to explore, the second option is Chikinha this one with 3 different Caverns to explore. This places are the best ones for the snorkeling experience, but if you are with your dive friends most of the places are perfect for the Snorkeling activity.


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