Cenote diving Chac -Mool

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Chac Mool Cenote diving is one of the most amazing and beautiful cenotes to discovering. You can do two or three dives of different tanks at this location maximum depth is 42 feet deep.

On the first dive, you will experience one of the best sunlight shows that the cenote has as an experience. Here, the rooms are beautifully decorated by stalactites and stalagmites.

Second Cenote dive, we can emerge underground in an incredible air dome where bats fly, and the roots of the surface create a unique and surprising dive. You don’t want to miss this place is perfect for certified beginner divers.

2 or 3 dives under the jungle . The best visibility is on these dives.

We suggest wearing a long  3mm wetsuit because the water temperature is around 76 degrees.



Cenote diving in Chac Mool

What´s included?
  • Entrance fee to the freshwater holes
  • Full Diving Equipment (Fins, mask, regulator, and Vest)
  • Instructor 1:4 maximum rate
  • Round trip transportation from and to your hotel.
  • Fruit, light lunch, and drink water.
  • Two or 3 different Cenote dives.
  • Additional options
    • Full long wetsuit
    • Diving computer
    • Dive Hood.
  • CENOTE DIVING SCHEDULE 6:45 am Lets have fun! Pick up time  Always on time, our driver will be waiting for you in your hotel lobby, to take you to our van with one of our cave diving guides to start this amazing day trip of diving, remember to bring your towel, comfortable shoes and extra dry clothes to comfortable after the dives.   7:30 am Stop at our air station   We make our first quick stop in Playa del Carmen at the air station for divers (Pro Air).   9:00 am Arriving to Chac-mol   We’ll help you prepare everything before diving. Your instructor will show you the place, the entrance to the water inlet, the location of the bathroom, before your dive briefing.   9:30am Lets dive!   The first dive entrance site is wide with lots of light coming in from the opening, it’s an amazing light show. The deepest part around is 40 feet is decorated with rocks and fossils, ideal for photos. The second dive ends in a large room filled with beautiful stalactites. This is where, on a sunny day, it takes place for an impressive sunlight show called “The Monster”. The Halocline produces great light effects and is home to the largest underwater stalactite in the world.   1:30 pm Back to your hotel   Just relax, get comfortable while your driver is taking you back to your hotel. If we are with divers, we will make a quick stop on the water tank to fill our empty tanks, use the bathroom if you need it. We appreciate your preference. We hope you have a great experience.


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