Open Water Referral in Cozumel

Open Water course in Cozumel with us


Open Water Referral in Cozumel

The referral course is designed for those who have completed the academics at home and want to finish their Open Water course . This course is valid for YMCA, CMAS IDD, NAIJI, SDI SSI, PADI, and any diving agency likes to switch to PADI.

It includes four open water dives in the ocean and beach sessions if needed.

At Deep Life, our priority is to provide you with the best dive education.


The instructor will review your Dive exams and papers of the theoretical part that you already completed at home.

At 9:00 am .you will meet at the dive boat with our Instructor, who will take you to do shallow dives on the first day.

This day you will do with him dives 1 and 2 .

This day will do dives 3 and 4 . All the dives in Cozumel are amazing . will do amazing reefs in the Natioanl marine park.


$6,325.00 MXN

 Approx $316 USD



Its not included . You need to take a taxi or move on your rental vehicle to meet with us on both days. Will send you map locations.

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