$220 per day
Started on 25 September, 2020

TDI Cave Diving Course Cancun

So you wanna be a cave diver huh ? Riviera Maya is one of the best ( if not the best ) places on the world to practice this type of technical diving ( overhead environment ).

The main objective of this course is to increase and critique previous skills accomplished in the TDI Cavern and Introductory Cave Diving TDI programs. SAFETY is placed upon dive planning and skill perfection through actual cave penetration.

Who CAN TAKE this course:

  • The certified TDI Introductory Cave Diver (or equivalent), who has interest in moving forward with overhead environment diving and expanding their diving techniques, capabilities, range, and more!

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Minimum certification of TDI Introductory Cave Diver, or equivalent
  • If decompression dives are to be conducted in training, the student must be TDI Decompression Procedures certified or equivalent, or this training may be conducted concurrently. If courses are taught concurrently, ALL requirements for both courses must be met and registrations processed upon completion.
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