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Cenote El Pit & Dos Ojos

Quick Details

Diver 3 tanks Approx USD$300
Solo Diver Approx USD$315
Diver 2 tanks Approx USD$265

Diving at Cenote El Pit & Dos Ojos

Cenote El Pit is a cenote located in the jungle that has over 400 feet in depth. See the wall of sunbeams shining down to 98 feet, an absolutely stunning view!

The entrance to the cenote has wooden stairs that take you to the edge of the water. We like to arrive early in the morning to start this deep dive and experience the best light penetration.

We descend through a shallow halocline towards the hydrogen sulfide cloud located at a depth of 100 feet. El Pit continues deep below the cloud and narrows into the darkness down to 195 feet.

We continue the dive above the cloud, exploring for a while before coming up to the ceiling at 30 feet. Here you can enjoy the beams of sunlight penetrating from below. It’s truly out of this world!

After El Pit, we go to our next dive at Cenote Dos Ojos, where you can enjoy two shallow dives in the blue waters, both with amazing formations, for a total of three dives.


Round-trip transportation is included from any hotel in Cancun or Riviera Maya.


• Cenote Dive Dos Ojos/El Pit (3 tanks) Option 1
• Cenote Dive Dos Ojos/The Pit (2 tanks) Option 2
• Light lunch and drinks (tacos or baguettes)
• Full scuba gear (fins, mask, reg, and BCD)
• Round-trip transportation in one of our comfortable vans
• Small Groups: 1:2 – 1:4
• Diving guide
• Private driver
• Drinks on board

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