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Water visibility in the Mexican Caribbean

Cozumel dives

Water visibility in the Mexican Caribbean

It is important to bear in mind when diving, that our water visibility is always more limited than outside. The vision of the human eye under water is affected by external and internal factors. As the type of viewfinder, the lack of lateral vision. The colors are perceived differently, as well as the size and distance of the objects. In an underwater environment, we must learn to coordinate what we see with our movement. Not only for our own safety, but also for the safety of our partners.

The visibility feet for a place depend on multiple external factors as well. Which are always recommended to check before for knowing the diving conditions of the day.

The rain and hurricane season in the Mexican Caribbean begins in the month of May and ends in October. It does not mean that visibility is low, but rain and wind can affect it negatively. When the waves, swell and wind are strong, the sediments on the bottom rise and the water becomes more unclear. In addition, rain increases the level of water from rivers and cenotes that drag inorganic matter into the sea. The particles in suspension in the water do not allow sunlight to pass and the vision becomes diffuse. The use of flashlights in this case cannot help us, because the light is reflected in the water, further decreasing visibility. 

To know the situation of the ocean, you can consult here where you will find data such as wind speed, gusts, or swell. 

Average visibility in the Caribbean

Considering these internal and external factors, we recommend diving along Quintana Roo coast the whole year for its excellent visibility.

The crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea allows sunlight to reach distances of up to 150 feets. The average water visibility in Cancun and Isla Mujeres is from 100 to 115 ft. In Playa del Carmen the average visibility is 65 ft, and in Cozumel 130 to 150 ft. However, the place where the visibility is perfect, up to 190 ft, is in a cenote, since there are no sediments, waves or swell.

Anyway, in situations with low visibility we suggest consulting these practical tips.

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