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Underwater Photography, Make Your Trip Unforgettable

a group of people swimming in the water

Underwater Photography, Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Underwater photography is a challenge that not only requires knowledge of shutter, light and focus, under the pressure of adverse conditions. When it comes to underwater photography it is essential to have the experience of an expert diver with firm buoyancy control. A professional underwater photographer will be able to capture that perfect and unique moment that will be immortalized in a photograph forever.  

Diving into the depths of the ocean is always a different experience. The light, the place, the current is not the same, even your thoughts and mood are different. When you are diving, you are more present here and now, being aware that everything around you is in movement and changing. Marine life is a reflection of that movement, and every moment is such a unique. That’s why the photographer has to be focused and comfortable in the environment to capture any kind of wildlife in an unexpected way.

Types of underwater photography 

Underwater photography can be classified into four main types:

– Landscape, which includes the different types of sea beds (coral reefs, wrecks, cenotes.)

– Photography of fauna and marine life, fish, mammals and reptiles.

– Portrait photography used mainly for commercial and advertising purposes.

– Macro photography deals with small animals, and details of marine vegetation.

To see some of this type of underwater photos in different environments, you can check the winners of the underwater photography contest of 2020 

Depending on the type of photograph you are looking for, different equipment, lenses or lights are required.  In this case the photographer must know the shooting goal and thus be able to achieve the desired image. To have the service of professional underwater photography in Cancun contact us, high definition video is also included.

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