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Tips for a safe dive in this 2021

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Tips for a safe dive.

The number one. You should never dive alone.
Always dive in the company of an instructor or other experienced and certified diver.

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You must know perfectly the rules and the diving signs to ask and communicate with your dive friends Underwater,  it is very important to be able to warn them of any danger and confirm that everything is under control in you.

Your dive buddy should always be about a meter apart and keep both of you in visual contact. This is very important to be sure you always have someone close to you on your dives.


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Constantly monitor your depth and dive time. So you can be sure you are plenty of air while diving and that you are not exceeding your limits.


Always breathe slowly … deep and continuous. This is very important, you will enjoy it a lot more.
Do not be agitated or move too much during the dive … take care of our reefs,  and remember never to touch the fauna, There is a lot of marine life that can be poisonous or dangerous. 


a man swimming in the water

safe diving

At the end, it slowly ascends … at a maximum speed of 30 feet/minute and when you exceed a depth of 40 feet … make a safety stop at 15 – 20 feet … for 3 minutes in order to reduce the possibility of developing a decompression disease.



Never forget to finish the planned dive time at the safety stop or on the surface this is very important on your dives.
Follow the rules for handling your dive computer and your dive tables.



Deep Life recommends Air reserve of 700 PSI should be left for day diving …. and 900 PSI for deep or night diving. The divemaster will give you the recommendation of how much air you have to reserve depending on the conditions of the dive site.


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It is very important to always be very alert during a dive. Some accidents occur inexperienced divers who, due to overconfidence, forget the fundamental rules.



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Welcome to dive in Cancun reefs, Cozumel wall dives, and Cenote diving from Cancun with us.

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