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Cancun diving family trips

a group of people standing on a boat posing for the camera

Family is the most important thing for many of us. Sharing as a family, collecting moments in a new diving experience that we will not forget ever. Recently at our dive shop in Cancun, last week in November,  3 generations of divers visited us in Cancun from Texas to share great diving experiences with us….

The mayan reef, the second longest in the world

a group of stuffed animals swimming in the water

The mayan reef, the second longest in the world The Australian barrier reef is 2,500 km long, while the Mayan or Mesoamerican Reef is 1,000 km. Running Mexico, from Cabo Catoche on Holbox Island, Belize, Guatemala, ending in Honduras, in the Bay Islands. The Mexican reef is around 300 km. A coral reef is an underwater…