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To make a great dive buddy underwater when you go diving … you need to know at least the most important hand signals for your safety and to be able to communicate with your dive buddies.

The hand signals are simple , short and in most cases, they can be executed with one hand. The signals came from cave diving  a very demanding environment no doubt for misunderstandings.

In diving, you don’t use your hands to swim … with the movement of the fins, it is more than enough … this way we save energy. The hands are only used to be able to turn in the water and to make signals to communicate in our dives. If you dive you should know diving is and always will be a team sport where the communication of divers above and above all underwater is very important … I would say that it is vital. Unless you have very expensive voice communication equipment  … the only way you have to talk to your instructor … your guide or your fellow divers will be through hands-on dive signals or sometimes through the sound rattling in the tank of your compressed air.

When you have dived hundreds of dives with the same partner you will create your own communication codes … but in the meantime, you need to learn several basic communication signals that will help you to warn your companions of some danger, you will show them how you feel,  notify the time you have with air to exit your dive, comment on the direction you are going to take or warn them of the presence of a marine animal, etc. There are more than 200 signs and although it is not necessary for you to learn them all … it is very important to learn the ones that can save your life.



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