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Diving for the first time

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Diving for the first time is like discovering a new continent … that’s why for all divers the world is twice new , beautiful  and big.

The ocean is another universe … very different from ours, where many more species inhabit and where unique landscapes were located.

Diving is a wonderful sport since it allows you to merge in this great ecosystem as if you were just another fish.
However, scuba diving requires learning rules and precautionary measures … as well as a lot of practice … since like any extreme sport it carries certain risks.

For this reason and much more, to get started in this wonderful sport, it is essential to take a theoretical and a practical course to learn to breathe … to float and to control the pressure underwater.

The first classes start in a pool (confined water) and then take the great leap into the sea (open water)
So little by little … from the hand of your instructor, you will learn to dive in order to feel as I already told you about another wonderful fish underwater.

And as the famous Captain Nemo said, commander of the submarine Nautilus and protagonist of Jules Verne’s novel “Twenty thousand leagues of the submarine journey”
“The sea is everything… it covers seven-tenths of the earth’s globe.
His breath is pure and healthy
It is an immense desert in which man is never alone … because he feels like beating around him.

The sea is the vehicle of a prodigious and supernatural existence ”.

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