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Benefits of Coral reefs

Benefits of coral reefs

Benefits of Coral reefs Coral reefs have many environmental and economic benefits for humanity. Many of the world’s marine species make their home on coral reefs … but unfortunately, a quarter of them all over the world are at risk,  sadly 10% have already suffered irreversible damage. We has to raise awareness so that ,…

4 other dive places to dive in this 2021 while visit the Mayan Riviera

a person swimming in the water

Being a person who likes to know beyond the typical and traditional, traveling I always like to do different things. I would aks my self , what are the simplest places for great scuba diving in 2021 visiting the Mayan riviera. Well , we re here to help albeit you’re just a beginner and have always wanted to…

Four of the best places to dive in Cancun and Riviera Maya in 2021

scuba diver in a cenote

a person wearing a hat    person scuba diving

Scuba diving with the heart !

Family diving together

I have always believed that if you do things with your heart they will be present for life. This was my experience with the Scuba diving sport. From a very young age, my family and I spent vacations diving in Cancun and Cozumel, every summer, Easter, and Winters we fled from the cold weather of…

Cancun diving family trips

a group of people standing on a boat posing for the camera

Family is the most important thing for many of us. Sharing as a family, collecting moments in a new diving experience that we will not forget ever. Recently at our dive shop in Cancun, last week in November,  3 generations of divers visited us in Cancun from Texas to share great diving experiences with us….

Dive Into the Underworld of the Cenotes

underwater view of a swimming pool

Dive Into the Underworld of the Cenotes In the heart of the jungle of the Riviera Maya, state of Quintana Roo, there are some special dive sites that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Cenotes are an opening in the surface in a system of underground rivers more than a thousand years old….

Three Reasons to Become a Rescue Diver

a man swimming in the water

Three Reasons to Become a Rescue Diver Among the great variety of diving courses, the Rescue Diver Course is one of the most challenging and necessary. That’s why we would like to invite you to become a rescue diver in Cancun. Whether you are diving in open water, a cenote or a cave, the situations…

Last Breath, a Diver Who Survived Without Oxygen

a man holding a gun

Last Breath, a Diver Who Survived Without Oxygen Last breath into the darkness  Chris Lemon, a British diver, was working on an underwater oil platform 330 ft when an accident left him without oxygen for more than 30 minutes. How could he survive? Find out all his story here and don’t miss the movie premiered on march…