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Cancun weather conditions for scuba diving

a large body of water

a large body of water


Many times our divers ask us what the weather conditions will be like for our dives in Cancun, this depends a lot on the season, if we are in the summer months or in winter months, if we have strong wind that affects the size of the waves or wind from the south that allows us to reach some dives, some areas are not affected by the weather unless we have a depression or tropical storm in the area, cenote diving can be done almost all year round.

The weather in Cancun is spectacular, all year round with an enviable temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit.
Normally the rains in the area are scattered storms, this means that it may be raining at a specific point and only 100 meters away it may not be raining,

We as a dive shop do a daily check of the weather radar, Harbourmaster port captain communicates every day about the navigation conditions so we know if we can continue with safe navigation or we have to cancel the dives in the different diving areas such as Cancun or Cozumel.

Be sure most of the year will be able to take you to do Scuba diving, is rare to have bad weather in the area, normally just scattered storms that allow us to performance great scuba diving days.

We will let you know with time so you can plan ahead of time all your scuba diving activities 


Welcome and happy bubbles 

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