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Cancun diving family trips

a group of people standing on a boat posing for the camera

Family is the most important thing for many of us. Sharing as a family, collecting moments in a new diving experience that we will not forget ever. Recently at our dive shop in Cancun, last week in November,  3 generations of divers visited us in Cancun from Texas to share great diving experiences with us.

It is incredible to see how 3 generations Grandfather, Dad, and granddaughter enjoyed great dives in Cancun, sharing beautiful moments, knowledge, and the value of new experiences to the new generations.

The 3 generations did 3 days of great diving in Cancun and Isla Mujeres.   Grandaughter finished the Open Water course in Cancun on two different days,  diving one day at the Underwater Museum on Isla Mujeres and the next day at the Cancun reefs in the National marine park, the experience was wonderful, completely different from the lakes they use to dive,  Cancun dives are full of fish, the turquoise waters, the weather and the incredible visibility in their dive days made their dives in Cancun unforgettable. Every day we were on time for the pickup time scheduled at the Hotel,  in our vans we bring them to our dive shop located in the Cancun Hotel Zone to start with Scuba lessons before dives.

It was very nice and gratifying to see how sharing new experiences as a family produced unforgettable memories, we are very happy to share our dive expertise with them and know that this beautiful family returned home with new Scuba dive experiences sharing 3 generations together.

We are sure that they will return for new Scuba diving adventures in Cancun, and why not in other areas of diving as beautiful as the dives in Cenotes or Diving in Cozumel that the Riviera Maya offers.

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