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Benefits of Coral reefs

Benefits of coral reefs

Benefits of Coral reefs

Coral reefs have many environmental and economic benefits for humanity.

Many of the world’s marine species make their home on coral reefs … but unfortunately, a quarter of them all over the world are at risk,  sadly 10% have already suffered irreversible damage. We has to raise awareness so that , future generations grow up taking care of our oceans, our marine life, our coral reefs that have deteriorated over time.

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the areas with the greatest richness of hard coral species … and is the habitat for almost 40% of marine species.

Reefs also benefit millions of people living in ports or areas like Cancun or Cozumel by providing people with protection, activities, food, and jobs.

Benefits of coral reefs

They provide jobs for thousands of tourist workers and are also very important to create marine life as a large number of species live there.


The Mexican government, in past years, helped promote reef care by creating marine parks, recently a few years ago created artificial reefs to create more marine life.


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Coral reefs protect our coasts against big waves, are great marine barriers during Hurricanes we have in the Caribbean, or Tsunamis like the ones are in Asia. 

In coral ecosystems inhabit marine species where many medicinal components are found to create medicines and different cosmetics.

To protect our reefs, we practice diving in a safe and responsible way, avoiding touching them, no sunscreen is allowed.


Our boats should never be anchored on them because the anchorage can damage or kill this life.

Finally, we recommend not using sunscreen when diving or snorkeling. The best option is to use only sunblock shirts and a wetsuit.

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