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4 other dive places to dive in this 2021 while visit the Mayan Riviera

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Being a person who likes to know beyond the typical and traditional, traveling I always like to do different things. I would aks my self , what are the simplest places for great scuba diving in 2021 visiting the Mayan riviera. Well , we re here to help albeit you’re just a beginner and have always wanted to undertake it, these places are going to be perfect for a great diving experience in this 2021 . . In many of our diving program  Deep life divers will provide you diving lessons to receive a good training  before you begin your exploring adventure!

Please prepare yourself for your underwater  adventure, and dive Deep ( LOL ) into reading about these amazing places!

In this time , Our tips will be for beginner dives , for those that like to try into the SCUBA diving as first time

Cancun reef dives , and the Underwater museum all in one day you can combine a really fun dive with a lot of crazy and unique statues with beautiful coral reef locations . Do not miss this combination. This can be also for certified or non certified divers. The place only have 10mts deep around 30ft , with a lot of nice corals , and beatiful marine life.  Dont miss this dives as a beginner diver.

Cozumel is the top for reef diving Listed as one of the 10 best places to dive not only in Mexico but in the world. Massive coral formations, the blue, its light current make this site a place that you cannot miss to dive in this 2021. This dives are excellent for new divers, the exceptional visibility , the cero current and the amazing corals makes the Island perfect for new divers.

Puerto Morelos is a small village located between Cancun and Playa del carmen . The dives here are located few meters from the beach shore , you will see the waves crashed on the corals . The depth here is only 12 Mts, around 20ft deep. plenty of marine life . Is a place that you will love to explore . The town has great and nice restaurants for lunch and nice dinners.

Souther we suggest Mahahual , virgin corals. amazing blue waters makes this place undercover for so many in this 2021 . You will love the relax and quiet ambient this small town . Do not miss to dive in this amazing place . The place is located 3 hours  drive south from Playa del carmen.

Trying the great sensation of breathing underwater is something new for everyone , feeling like a fish, and being under the water surrounded by fish, incredible coral life is a sensation that you cannot miss after this pandemic that drove the whole world crazy. Try and discover scuba diving on your next trip to Mexico

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